In my first Sheffield DevOps talk I discussed what I've learnt about building Immutable Servers and setting up my projects to run on EC2 Spot Instances.

I've recently started the process of migrating my projects to run on EC2 Spot Instances.

When a spot at Sheffield DevOps became available it felt like a good opportunity to share some of my experiences thus far.

Sheffield Devops - November 2018 Meetup

In my first ever speaker talk I discussed:

  • Immutable servers and how these differ from other configuration approaches (snowflake servers, mutable config management, phoenix servers, etc)
  • The lessons I learnt from building AMI images with Packer
  • How to automate the setup and configuration of Jenkins using groovy scripts
  • The process of building and deploying a web-based application to spot instances

The talk is completemented with a full set of example projects that are freely available on my GitHub account.