Optimising MongoDB for test environments

Recently I wanted to optimise the performance of MongoDB for test and development environments where persistent data storage and logging isn't important. I also wanted a solution that was easy to deploy and maintain across multiple development machines.

Encrypting a Dedicated Server (Ubuntu)

Encrypting an Ubuntu Server that you have physical access is a fairly easy and straight forward process. But what happens if you don't have physical access to the server? How do you enter the passphrase to unlock the drive during boot?

Using ZFS on Ubuntu Server to own your data

I've been considering moving my data off of cloud services such as CrashPlan and Dropbox and putting it back onto hardware that I own and fully control. In my new setup I have opted to store my data in a fault tolerant method using ZFS.

Detect smartcard removal

A couple of weeks ago I wanted to setup one of my machines that runs Kubuntu 15.04 to lock the computer when the smartcard is removed from the reader. After reading through a few other articles on this, I came up with the following solution.

Fixing Linux Mint screen brightness controls

I've recently installed Linux Mint on my Thinkpad T450s. After installing Mint I noticed that the screen was constantly on full brightness and I couldn't change the brightness using the function keys. With this solution you can adjust the brightness, and ensured that the settings are remembered on restart.

Hosting, Heroku and Hetzner

23 July 2004. That was the date that I registered my very first domain, since then I have registered many, many more. At the time I was only 13, where shared hosting was the norm and I was trying to weigh up what was better – cPanel, Plesk or Helm.